Mission Statement

Mississippi County Hospital System's mission is to provide quality health care with attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and commitment to assure the very best health care for those communities we serve.

Vision Statement

To be the provider of choice for Mississippi County and surrounding areas and to be known for meeting the healthcare needs of the entire community.

Values Statement

PATIENT-CENTERED CARE: While the quality of care is uniform, care may be customized according to patient needs and values. Health professionals have the capability and responsibility to respond to individual patient choices, preferences and needs.

CO-WORKERS (Employees): MCHS values our co-workers as Teammates. Empowering our co-workers to continuously evaluate services from the patient perspective, upholding MCHS values.

COMMUNICATION: Physicians and staff work diligently to fulfill the System's commitment to sharing knowledge and information with patients.

QUALITY: We strive to achieve excellence at all levels in the system.

SAFETY: At MCHS, safety is a top priority at all times. Health professionals should strive to enhance safety by continuously paying close attention to procedural and operational systems and by following policies and procedures that help prevent and mitigate errors.

TEAMWORK: Cooperation among patients, physicians, and employees is a priority. All should actively collaborate and communicate to ensure an appropriate exchange of information and coordination of care.

RESPECT and COMPASSION: Health professionals and all employees should deliver care and service with respect and compassion in all interactions.